Northern Lights Jewelry
of Steamboat Springs, Colorado
the pieces you will receive are chosen towards your stores specific client and any requests that you may
have.  I work with direct importers and also design and create my own pieces.  It is current, changes
continuously and does not include "catalogued" or "rep lines" that one will find elsewhere.  Wholesale prices
with the $7.25, $9.25, $11.25 and $13.25 cost items.  The sales at these price points have proven to be
very consistent.  Earring racks are available and hold 54 cards.  It can be included free of charge when
For bicycling product - All I ask is that there be a 12 item minimum - those items can be mixed and
matched among all that is available.  Items can be picked individually or assorted by me to a specific $
amount that the store would like to put towards jewelry.  Beads and spoke nipple colors will be assorted,
unless you have a specific request that I will do my best to accommodate.

I welcome any ideas or requests that you might have regarding placing jewelry in your store.  Small orders
to change at any time due to availability, silver prices, and parts prices.
*********UPDATE AS OF 4/25/14*******
Bicycle Jewelry Price List - Wholesale
mini bike charm, sterling, French wires: $14.95
Earrings post/dangle with mini bikes, sterling $14.95
Necklace – mini bike charm 16” chain - $18.95
Earrings – mini bike charm, with bead, French wires: $14.95

Earrings – 3/4” bike charms, sterling, French wires: $14.95
Necklace – 3/4” bike charms, sterling, 16” chain – $19.95

Earrings – post style – mini bike – $8.95

Zipper pulls sterling 3/4” bike, bead:  
Road bike $9.95
Biking guardian angel $12.50
Key Chains - add $.50

Necklace – lg tandem charm, sterling, 18” chain – $19.95
Earrings – post style, tandem – $8.95
Necklace – mini tandem charm, sterling, 16” chain – $18.95
Zipper pull or key chain w/lg tandem charm: $12.50

Beads and spoke nipple stretch bracelets - $8.75
Anodized and silver color spoke nipples stretch bracelets - $8.75

Anklet - sterling 1 mini bicycle - $19.95
Anklet - sterling 3 mini bicycles - $22.95
Anklet spoke nipples 10" - $10.95

Necklace - Black cording with Sterling Bike charm and mix of beads - adjustable length - $12.95

Earrings: bead and mini bicycle charm $14.95
Necklace: Black cording, 3/4" bicycle $14.95
Bracelet: beads and spoke nipples $10.95

Zipper pull or key chain – breast cancer ribbon with bead – $8.50

Ornaments - glass lamp work beads and charm - $11.50
Ceiling Fan Pull - glass bead, chain, charm - $12.50
Cell Phone Thingy! - beads, charm - $4.75
Crystal Sun Catcher/Ornaments - glass crystals, charm - $9.95

All prices are subject to change.